The Good Thymes – Superfoodie Zaatar Mix


Price per 100g: €5,14

Only when you are about to believe that healthy and savory cannot go together does this wholesome za’atar combination prove you otherwise. Mixed with immune boosting goji berries and a selection of powerful seeds, the Superfoodie Za’atar is loaded with just enough omega-3, antioxidants, magnesium, fiber and more to kick-start your day.

Just spread it, sprinkle it, or dip in it.

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The Good Thymes is a Lebanese agricultural company that brings a fresh breath to traditional Lebanese savors through modern and inspired culinary creations, all based around the unequaled wild Lebanese thyme.

It started with a passion for Zaatar and the desire to produce high-quality dried thyme. We handcraft our products without any additives or preservatives.

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