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Price per 100g: €10,00

A classic traditional blend of aromatic and earthy Za’atar, tart sumac, and crunchy roasted sesame seeds. Handmade à la Lebanese and rich in vitamins and antioxidants, the Classic Za’atar is your ideal go-to seasoning for a healthy and appetizing sandwich or dip.
Just spread it, sprinkle it, or dip in it.

Price per 100g: €5,14

A perfectly balanced mix of Lebanese Za’atar and our all-time favorite nuts. Rich in heart-healthy omega-3, proteins and vitamins, the Nutty Za’atar brings out a crunchy marriage of delectable flavors that tantalize your taste buds.

Just spread it, sprinkle it, or dip in it.

Price per 100g: €5,14

Only when you are about to believe that healthy and savory cannot go together does this wholesome za’atar combination prove you otherwise. Mixed with immune boosting goji berries and a selection of powerful seeds, the Superfoodie Za’atar is loaded with just enough omega-3, antioxidants, magnesium, fiber and more to kick-start your day.

Just spread it, sprinkle it, or dip in it.

Price per 100g: €5,14

When life gives you za’atar, mix it with fruits. The Fruity Mix beautifully marries the juicy taste of fruits with the tangy sensation of za’atar. Dried apricots, cranberries, dates, and figs take your senses on an unexpected journey of flavors, making the Fruity Mix one of our best signatures.
Just spread it, sprinkle it, or dip in it.

Price per 100g: €17,07

Eleven natural herbs make the ideal tea for your soul and body. Rich in antioxidants and digestive properties, the Herbal Infusion blends za’atar, chamomile, roses, rosemary, cinnamon, and six more natural herbs. The Herbal Infusion delivers your system with a range of nutrients and your soul with healing and soothing effects.

Price per 100ml: €3,98

Zejd is a select Lebanese extra virgin olive oil cultivated in the groves of the Akkar region in Northern Lebanon. Only the best young souri green olives are selected and hand picked in October for cold extraction on the same day. The resulting oil is peppery with notes of almonds and cut grass and is a typical expression of the region’s Mediterranean climate and ancestral know-how.

Price per 100ml: €5,98

The juice of fine pomegranates is cooked until the fruitiest molasses are obtained. Prepared according to Lebanese tradition, these molasses,rich in antioxidants, impart a very unique lemony flavour to your dishes.