July 16, 2021 By soukbaladeh

In Lebanon, manakeesh are known as the go-to breakfast. It is very similar to how in Germany we consider bread rolls with butter & marmalade as our go-to breakfast. Manakeesh…


July 16, 2021 By soukbaladeh

The Lebanese recipe of Mouhalabieh is a delightful dessert for sweet lovers. This delicious flan is prepared with milk, thickened with corn flour or rice flour then flavored with both…

Wheat grain porridge (Kamhiyeh)

July 16, 2021 By soukbaladeh

Kamhiyeh is a delicious and nutritious dessert usually prepared for St. Barbara’s day on the 4th of December. The name derives from its main ingredient “Ameh” meaning wheat. Kamhiyeh makes a warm and tasty…