The Lebanese kitchen carries many crowns, and Fattoush salad is one of them. What distinguishes Fattoush are 2 main aspects: the number of greens and vegetables it carries, and the complex rich flavor that the pomegranate molasses and/or sumac spice engulf it with. Fattoush is the official Lebanese peasant salad, and farmers just throw in whatever spring/summer harvest they have into the bowl to build up this beauty.


1 big onion or (green onions)

1 tbsp. sumac

1 bunch of watercress leaves

10 leaves of romaine lettuce, cut

2 tomatoes, cut in cubes

4 medium cucumbers, cut in cubes

½ bunch of parsley leaves

¼ bunch of green mint leaves

5 radishes, cut in circles

1 loaf of pita bread, cut in squares & baked    


1 tsp. salt

3 tbsp. pomegranate molasses

5 tbsp. olive oil


Rub the cut onions with the sumac and put them in the serving bowl. Add the rest of the vegetables to the bowl and mix them together. In a small bowl aside, mix the sauce with a whisk thoroughly. Add the sauce to the vegetables and slowly mix. Put the baked pita bread in a separate bowl and garnish the fattoush with it when serving. 

Serve chilled 


Add a bit of extra Pomegranate molasses over each plate for a rich taste.

Better use brown pita bread because it’s rich in fibers.